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Traverse rods or any rods or poles which cannot be hung above the window will often present an unslightly appearance from the outside. This problem occurs in palladian style windows which are one piece and do not have wall space between the lower window and upper palladian. It can also occur with a window which ends at the ceiling line.

In this particular case, we were mounting a traverse rod under a board mounted swag. As you can see with this picture, the board is already mounted as high as possible into the palladian window above.

From the driveway in front of the house, the traverse rod (before installing the sheers) looked like this. Once the sheers were installed, you would have been able to see all of the rodding, as well as the backs of the pleats and the pins.

The client actually lived with this look for two weeks and did not notice the hardware showing. However, I found it to be totally unacceptable.

A very simple solution. I fabricated from the same fabric as the sheers (which were actually an opaque crinkle fabric) a finished piece which was as wide as the window and about six inches long. I attached it to the back of the valance board. It hung straight down, hiding the traverse rod components and the back of the pinch pleats. This look mimics a twin window on the other side of the front door which did not have a palladian top but did have cellular shades installed and drawn tightly up.

For this solution, you need to use a piece of lining or sheer fabric which blends as much as possible with the back of the treatment. You must also have a flat surface onto which you can attach the flat piece securely.


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