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Designed by the client

Beautiful goblet pleated panels on a decorative rod on a bay wall.

The client painted the walls after selecting the fabric.

Amazingly, there was just enough discontinued fabric on the bolt at the store for her to dress the windows in this room.


panels draperies bay wall


All panels were interlined. The panels inset in the bay were single width. The outside panels were 1.5 widths.

Two side windows had single width panels.


goblet pleat panels draperies

The client was unsure how it would look to mount so high above the windows - the windows were fairly short.

She also did not know if she wanted the treatment to be fully mounted inside the bay, or have it come out on the face of the wall.

She was considering panels with an attached valance.

She also thought she might want a solid fabric, but did not know the color. I chose green for the rendering as it blended well with the wall and furnishings at that time.

I worked up two renderings using pictures of her wall and dreamDraper software. The primary purpose of the renderings was to show the treatment mounted midway between the window and the ceiling and to compare the look of having it completely mounted within the bay or coming forward on the face of the wall.

This rendering was of the treatment mounted entirely within the bay wall.

dreamDraper panels draperies bay wall

This rendering shows the treatment coming out on to the face of the wall.


It was very obvious to both of us that mounting the rods at that height looked good and that bringing the rods out on to the face opened up the bay.

dreamDraper bay wall panels draperies

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