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Designed by Mary Ann Minnich, Interior Designer

These were challenging windows in a beautiful yacht. These three windows were on both sides of the room.

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Here you can see the shape of the windows. There is a 6" soffet board under which the shades were hung. This picture shows the shades drawn up fully.

This is the other side of the same room. As you can see in the corner, the television cabinet projects under the full width of the shade. The shade had to be cut to the same slant of the window to avoid the cabinet.

This posed some problems in terms of keeping the shape while it was down and planning the string placement to make it operable.

We opted to mirror the shape on the opposite wall, even though there was no cabinet obstructing the end shade.

The shade was made from the blue linen-like fabric with sateen lining. If you look closely, you can see the shadows of the ribs. While I usually do not use ribs in shades, it was necessary to sew the rib pockets and ribs into these. They are what help the shade keep its crisp shape when in the down position. They also helped to support the slant edge when raised.

The shades project 1.5" from the windows because of the Rollease clutch system used to lift them. We opted for the clutch system to eliminate long pull strings. They also wanted the wood paneling to show between the shades. The projection makes the shades look almost too small for the windows. Next time I would make them 1/2" wider on each side to offset the projection.


These are the doors and a window at the back of the room.

We pretty much put roman shades on every window in the boat. The client purchased ready-made bedding and we used it to make the shades to match the bedding.

Decorative pillows help complete the room.

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