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Kingstons & Empires

What is the difference? These valance styles are very similar. The primary difference is in the pleat allowance. An Empire valance is pleated horizontally across the board. A Kingston valance is pleated vertically, with the pleats hidden behind the bells. Both styles are usually board mounted. However, both can be converted to a pole mount.


casual kingston valnce
casual kingston valance
Formal kingston valances

Casual kingston valance on medallions with flat braid trim.


Casual pole mounted kingstons


Luxurious Kingston valances and panels


Kingston on a pole. A hand-pleated frill along the lower edge gives this treatment a special look.


Formal kingston valance

Kingston on a pole with hand pleated frill

Kingston valance. Board mount

Kingston on a pole with 6" bullion fringe.

Arched Kingston valance with hand pleated frill.


Board mount traditional kingston
casual kingston - board mount
casual kingston valance

Floral Empire Valance

Traditional board mount kingston

Pretty, casual Kingston valance Kingston on a pole. Creamy Matelasse with chocolate brush trim.

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